Book Review: Between the Sunset and the Sea by Simon Ingram


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Between the Sunset and the Sea by Simon Ingram

Review Date: 27 June 2015

Author: Simon Ingram

Release Date:  12 March 2015

Publishers: William Collins

ISBN 10: 0007545401

ISBN – 13: 978-0007545407


Available in Hardback, Kindle & audio download.

Authors Website:

The Last Word Review

‘A guided tour of 16 of the UK’s best Mountains. One of the best outdoor books I have read. Rich, and thoroughly well researched’

If like me you are a lover the big outdoors and especially getting up into the hills and mountains, then here is a book that will guide you on a journey of 16 of the most outstanding British climbs. This will appeal to those who look and admire and feel tempted to strap on a pair of stout walking boots and climb your first mountain.

This is a mammoth book at 448 pages covering 16 chapters, interspersed with some beautiful artistic black and white photographs that capture the very essence of life in the mountains.

One aspect of this book I liked is that each chapter is broken down into various themes such as Danger, Weather, Terror, Wilderness, as well as a particular mountain that has been selected as part of the 16 then the author climbs that mountain. Anyone who has climbed any of the ‘Wainwrights’ or ‘Munros’ will salivate at this beautifully written book. Simons’ style of writing not only rich but it takes the reader along on each of his treks. That is some achievement for his debut at writing a book. What I took from each of his mountain treks was respect, for the mountain itself like me when I have climbed you become one with your surroundings and the mountain itself, you talk to it and it talks back. I felt this with all 16 mountains described in his book.

The author has very carefully selected each mountain that I found worked along with each of the chapters, mountains such as Beinn Dearg, An Teallach, Loughrigg Fell and Great Gable are covered. The more I read through this book, the more I came to the conclusion that this was not just a book about 16 mountains it becomes more of a larger theatre, as in covers so much more such as the history, science, travel, History and so on. This is a book that will over time come into its own and may even have set the agenda for writing books about mountains and especially getting out there for yourself and experiencing hill and mountain climbs. Exhilarating just like this book really.

This reviewer is now off to dig his boots out and give them an outing.


Meet the Author:

Simon Ingram

Simon Ingram is a journalist and author.

He has written dozens of features for award-winning national magazines and websites, principally in the fields of adventure journalism, travel, walking, mountaineering and film.

Publications he has written for include Trail and Country Walking, EmpireThe Independent and The Guardian, and he was one of the launch contributors for Outdoor Fitness Magazine.

He is the author of the critically-acclaimed debut Between the Sunset and the Sea (HarperCollins, 2015), an exploration of the British mountains and their enduring fascination.

His photographs have been used extensively in editorial reportage and on the covers of major national publications.

He is a Mountain Leader trainee and has climbed mountains all over the UK, and also the High Atlas of Morocco, Arctic Norway, the French, German and Italian Alps, Slovenia, the Balkans and East Africa.

He is currently the Editor of Trail Magazine (The UK’s Best Selling Hill-Walking Magazine and PPA Magazine of the Year 2005) and 

He lives in Stamford, Lincolnshire.


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