Invisible Threads by Lucy Beresford


Invisible Threads - Review Copy

Invisible Threads by Lucy Beresford

Review Date: 23 July 2015

Author: Lucy Beresford

Release Date:  1 June 2015

Publishers: Quartet Books

ISBN 10: 0704373858

ISBN – 13: 978-0704373853


Available in Hardback and Kindle.

Authors Website:


The Last Word Review

Well written Psychological thriller open’s up India’s ‘darker’ World

Sometimes a book will arrive that will leave an indelible mark on you and when I was asked if I would like to review Invisible Threads by Lucy Beresford I had no real idea that this would be THAT book.

This is a deeply moving account of a woman grieving after loss of her husband, who she understood was killed Afghanistan. I found that I was hooked on the story very quickly. We get to know Sara very well and soon she realised that the actual truth about how her husband Mike actually died and more importantly where he died suddenly the book takes on a whole new dimension.

The truth sometimes is stranger than fiction and we find our heroine heading to India and is confronted with the two India’s the colour, the vibrancy and people, then very quickly is confronted with the other. The treatment of women in India in particular the trafficking of women for the sex trade.

I found that Beresford’s style of writing and and the passion for the story line and in particular how she slowly built up the lead character Sara, who I found charming and witty but also someone who could think for herself and would not let go in her pursuit of the truth. The truth when it came for Sara was painful. Mike lied to her about his job and then to find out that when he was killed he was with another woman would destroy a lot of women but not our heroine. Sara after arriving in India became close the one young women Pritti who she then desperately tries to save from the other side of Delhi that the rest of the World may never have known about the sex trade, the human trafficking and who is involved and to what level this goes.

A complex story that is told with tact and also compassion, but at the same time Beresford never shies away from the ‘real’ truths behind the story and her time in India and with The Rescue Foundation helping with trafficked women from Brothels clearly had an impact.

Anyone who enjoys a thriller should have a read of Invisible Threads as it gives the reader much more than this. You will not be disappointed this will leave a mark on you as it has with me. Some may debate as to whether Sara is the lead character or whether India is itself the lead character as Beresford peels back the two sides of India and lets the reader see what Sara see for herself. This is a book that should be on everyone’s to be read list.




Meet the Author

Lucy Beresford


Lucy Beresford grew up by the sea in Sussex and studied English at Durham University. After ten years in Investment Banking, her training to be a psychotherapist also re-ignited her love of narrative and story-telling.

Something I’m not, her controversial first novel, asks whether all women want to be mothers. Lucy’s second best-seller, Happy Relationships: at home, work and play, detoxifies tricky relationships. She has had several short stories published and recorded for Audio. She is also published in Brazil and China.

She writes in a garret with views of Big Ben on one side and Battersea Power Station on the other. On a more practical level, she finds she cannot function without lip-gloss.

Invisible Threads is Lucy Beresford’s second novel and was published in June 2015 by Quartet Books.

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