According to the Daily Mail by Laurence Simpson


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According to the Daily Mail by Laurence Simpson


Review Date: 17 December 2015

Author: Laurence Simpson

Release Date: 25 August 2015

Publishers: Matador

ISBN –10: 1784625418

ISBN – 13: 978-1784625412


Available in Hardback, Paperback and Kindle


The Last Word Review

Witty and amusing story taking a swipe at the worst of our daily tabloid journals

When you pick up a copy of According to the Daily Mail by Laurence Simpson it is not perhaps the greatest title for a book, but do not be deterred by this, what Simpson has written here is a witty, snappy jibe at a certain daily newspaper called the Daily Mail, I am no fan of this tabloid newspaper it’s daily headlines are enough to put me off my breakfast. But there are those who love this daily tabloid.

Those of us who just plainly despair at the daily wittering of this countries tabloid newspapers and the endless following of wannabee celebrities who thrive off these newspapers will love the wit and humour in According to the Daily Mail.

The story follows Jonathon who decided he has had enough of the style of journalistic licence from this newspaper and decided it is time something was done. So he gathers together a band of brothers of the ex-military types who know how to handle themselves and a plan is hatched not only to go and blow up the printing presses of the Daily Mail but also Jonathon now decides he needs to employ a hacker who will take down their website.

Does Jonathon succeed in his plans to go for the Daily Mail? And our intrepid Jonathon has not finished he even goes and then hires another experienced fellow to ‘pirate TV programmes, has Jonathon gone a step too far with his plans the law is now suspecting him of his plots and are not too far behind but like all mastermind criminals Jonathon has alibi’s. On the case is Inspector Foot and he is not one to leave a stone unturned and suspects Jonathon is deeply up to his neck in this.

This is an extremely cleverly written novel one which reminds me so much of our comical crime capers of days gone by. This is extremely funny and the attention to detail in the plans for the attacks raised my eyebrows. This story has everything including some romance along the way. The reverse of the dust jack tells of ‘sporadic eroticism’ yes I can vouch for that. There is everything in detail even lots of talk of food and boozy binges. This is a laugh out loud story but there is a serious message behind the story that is According to the Daily Mail.

One question does spring to mind here, is Jonathon based on the author Laurence Simpson I say that as Jonathon has the taste of fine wines, Malt Whisky and fine motors, a coincidence or just planned this way.

I know Laurence is planning another book that looks outstanding. Get this while you can and enjoy a jolly good caper.


Meet the Author

Laurence Simpson

Author photo

Laurence Simpson spent most of his working life in advertising, where he was known as ‘Loz’ and where he won numerous major awards in London, Cannes and New York.

He lives in Surrey with his wife, whose hobbies include blowing out nearside front tyres by mounting the kerb at speed, smashing headlamp units by driving into the backs of other peoples’ cars and, counter-productively, losing her car keys.

He has a mother in Melbourne, a stepmother in Sussex, a mother-in-law in Moscow, two children in Sydney and two children in London, in his relentless pursuit of the simple life.