Another Love by Amanda Prowse

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Another Love by Amanda Prowse

Amanda Prowse returns with her best novel to-date. Stunningly written and deeply emotive. One book not to be missed

I  knew in advance what the new novel by best-selling author Amanda Prowse was about and it sat on my desk for a few weeks tempting me to pick it up. When I did I was completely blown away.

Only Amanda Prowse could write a novel that covers the effects of alcoholism and the devastation that it causes to a family. I have read a number of Amanda’s books and my research on the remaining ones leads to say that what we have in Another Love is Amanda Prowse’s seminal work to-date and is without a doubt her best. It hits home hard but that is the way that Amanda wanted it to be.

The story is based around Romilly who adores her husband David they have worked hard to get the perfect home in a lovely part of Bristol. The love for each other is ‘proper love’ Their daughter Celeste is at the heart of the family. Another Love is told in the third person through both Romilly and Celeste.

We all lead incredibly busy modern lives and sometimes at the end of the day we round it off with a glass of wine. With Romilly as her frailties came out, then a glass would then turn to a bottle and a bottle would turn to two bottles. You the story. Slowly but surely we witness the fall of Romilly into alcoholism pure and simple and through the eyes of not just Romilly but her daughter Celeste who I could have cried for as she witnessed things no young daughter should witness but this is real life as we know it happens.

David had to cope in some of the most appalling situations to arrive home and find his ‘bug girl’ in a heap drunk after drinking to excess. An alcoholic will never admit to their problem and takes on the persona of a Jekyll and Hyde character and we see this through Celeste.

Another Love is hard hitting and pulls no punches. It is stunning in its approach to the subject and I found incredibly intense at times to the point I had to put the book down. When a person such as Romilly suffers from alcoholism the profound devastating affect it has on those in the immediate family who love her and also close friends. The total affect is shocking as friends start to drift away and you feel the walls start to close in on you.

As the story moves on things get much worse for Romilly and rock bottom fast approaches. Then I really started to fear the worst. As I reached the climax to Another Love a tear rolled down my cheek this is a story that will break your heart in more way than you think. It left me numb.

Credit must be given to Amanda Prowse for approaching the subject of alcoholism, it is not an easy subject to write a novel about. It hits the mark here as it told in all its gory detail as we witness the shocking fall of Romilly the ‘scientist’ David’s ‘Bug Girl’ who had the world at her feet.

Another Love written by Amanda Prowse is published by Head of Zeus. The eBook is released 16 January with the Hard Back edition released 11 February.

To pre Order your copy from Amazon: Here

Stop Press:

Amanda Prowse has just been announced as the winner of the Sainsburys eBook of the year for A Mother’s Story

A Mother's Story


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