What A Way To Go by Julia Forster

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What a Way to Go by Julia Forster

The Last Word Review

A debut novel set in the 1980’s full of wit and charm but also touching. A joyous read from beginning to end


Set in the 1980’s a decade of colour and change a time of Kylie Minogue and Culture Club you either loved this era or just wanted to hide for the next decade.

We meet 12-year-old Harper Richardson, she is wise and funny and is split between her divorced parents who to say the least are somewhat dysfunctional and Harper tries to make sense of the life around her.

It is 1988 and Harper spends a lot of time reading as money always seems to be a little tight. Forster has written What A Way To Go very much through the eyes of Harper as she sets about trying to all things right including her estranged parents. I really enjoyed the narrative as Harper has a lot to say for herself about everything going on around her whether is her father who is obsessed with the last War or her mother’s friend Kit.


Every other weekend Harper spends the weekend with her father, and the elderly next door neighbour is her only friend here and gives her order during the weekend.

We also get to meet Cassie who is Harpers only really best friend and is the complete opposite to Harper, Cassie has an ordered lifestyle whereas Harper only seems to live in a world of chaos while split between both parents. A joyous read as we get to know Harper as she deals with the day to day chaotic life which she tries to make sense of. A laugh out loud read but it has its emotional moments in the storyline. Writing a novel with as seen through the eyes of a 12-year-old is no easy feat but Forster manages to capture the time and the characters brilliantly.

This is an idyllic nostalgic read for anyone who loves the decade of the 1980’s and I for one loved this era and also loved What A Way To Go

My thanks to Ruth Killick and Atlantic Books for a review copy.

‘What A Way To Go’ written by Julia Forster and published by Atlantic Books is now available in all good book shops.