Hold Still by Tim Adler


Hold Still by Tim Adler

 The Last Word Review

 Gripping edge of the seat thriller that makes for compulsive reading


I photographed my husband’s death’ This is the premise of the story that is Hold Still by Tim Adler. The very thought of photographing your loved one’s death is haunting in its self, then begins a nerve jangling twisting thriller that will keep the reader on edge until the very end.

Both Kate and her husband Paul are visiting Albania, for a family funeral but goes tragically wrong. While relaxing I their hotel room together, Paul who is extremely preoccupied with his business and somewhat stressed goes to the balcony with his phone and Kate starts to take what she believes is just a normal photograph that they will look back on, moments later there are screams, Kate runs to the balcony to be confronted with her husband lying dead on the street below. An apparent suicide?

Kate is overcome with grief, and cannot come to terms with the loss of her husband. Something is nagging at Kate and despite the local police closing the case all is not as it seems and so she returns home and later studies the photographs and what was on her husband’s phone?

Our protagonist Kate does not let up and soon she decides that the truth about Paul’s death is out there, she is convinced he did not take his own life. So begins a roller coaster of a tense thriller that continues at a pace.


While Kate is utterly determined to get to the truth, there are dangers lurking around every corner and she is placed in some serious danger for her own life as she travails Europe to find the real truth and help bring the culprits to justice and at the same time closure. In Hold Still we come face to face with drugs, prostitution and human trafficking, nothing is held back by Adler. You cannot help be being drawn into the story and Kate is no ordinary woman she is solid and determined she makes her own decisions about who she needs to trust and makes an excellent lead character.

The ending is fast and furious and delivers at break-neck pace. With no clues from me as to the result.

Hold Still is a thoroughly gripping tense thriller and intrigue and drama. An entertaining read that keeps the reader wondering what lies ahead.

My thanks to Matthew at Urbane Publications for a review copy.

Hold Still by Tim Adler published by Urbane Publications and was released 17 Match 2016.