Hunt for the Enemy by Rob Sinclair


Hunt for the Enemy by Rob Sinclair


 The Last Word Review


Carl Logan returns in a gripping trilogy finale that is a 5* rollercoaster thriller.


A word of warning if you have not yet read Rob Sinclair’s finale of the ‘Enemy’ series in Hunt for the Enemy. When you start you will not stop reading this thumping rollercoaster of an epic thriller until you have reached the last page. The best in the series. Just a shame it has ended here.

The story starts with a step back in time and to a job he has been asked to do and now branded a traitor Logan is on the run in a grim and freezing Russian winter and he is fighting for his life as he has been framed for a murder and now the Joint Intelligence Agency (JIA) call him a ‘rogue operative’. Why? What has Logan done after such a long and loyal service. Is this what happens to operatives when they have served their useful purpose the JIA.



Logan is a man on the run a fugitive that the agency wants to see eliminated, but it is not just the JIA that are after Logan and he must use all his skills to stay one step ahead and stay alive. In Hunt for the Enemy the past and present collide in a story that is a gripping action packed thriller that packs a punch were other espionage thriller lack.

The story takes the reader on a globe-trotting high stakes and murky world of international espionage. You cannot help but want to see Logan survive and stop the killing of agents from all sides. Along the way he is re-united with a former lover who once turned against him and she too is on the run and together, this time round will Logan trust her again or will he turn against her.

Sinclair has done an outstanding job with all three books in the series and has brought the story finale alive by bringing the best of the previous two book and turned Hunt for the Enemy into a thrilling conclusion and one I can highly recommend if you have not read any of the books then all three are a must if you love high speed action drama at its very best.

What now for Rob Sinclair? I cannot wait to find out.

My thanks to the author for a review copy.

Hunt for the Enemy by Rob Sinclair and published by Clink Street is available now as is the previous two books Dance with the Enemy and Rise of the Enemy

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