Paris Mon Amour – Isabel Costello

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Paris Mon Amour by Isabel Costello

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About to be released on 13 June is the debut novel from Isabel Costello and here is a book I cannot recommend highly enough. When you start a debut novel that after the first few pages you are hooked then you know you are reading a book that you want to let everyone in on. Paris Mon Amour is that novel.

The characters are so brilliantly portrayed that they are totally believable it is one of those novels that has passion written into the heart of the story line and an emotional roller-coaster that will have the reader hooked from page one. A story of one woman and two men and tangled affairs set in romantic Paris.



Alexandra now in her forties and happily married to Philippe some may say the ideal couple. Then Alexandra discovers the Philippe is having an affair. Now Alexandra is struggling to come to terms with this as well as looking back at her past.

Then while working late in walks Jean-Luc who is 23 and the son of her husband’s best friend, Alexandra is attracted to Jean-Luc and so it begins. But this is no one-off as Alexandra finds it difficult to say no to the attractive Jean-Luc.

I have to admit to having a lot of sympathy with Alexandra, and there is also something about Jean-Luc that will attract the reader, both have a past with Alexandra’s past experiences of life that has been hard on her. The reader will make up their own mind on Philippe but I personally took a dislike to him very early on which then grew.

The reader now becomes part of the affair between the forty something woman and the much younger Jean-Luc. What is to become of them both and their own affair? As for the ending well I will let you the reader what comes at the end. Keep those tissues to hand.

Paris Mon Amour is a debut novel that is totally addictive and you will struggle to put this down. A story packed full of raw emotion that some will find themselves shedding a tear or two and it is set against one of the most romantic cities in the world I must give credit to Costello for the way she has brought together each of the characters blended against beautiful Paris.

Just a word on the writing style of Isabel Costello, it is passionate so beautifully written.  Some readers may already know of  Isabel Costello Literary Sofa blog it is worth visiting.

Paris Mon Amour is a book I am delighted to recommend as a summer read, I do not think you will be disappointed in anyway. It really is that good. Exceptional even.

Paris Mon Amour by Isabel Costello is available to download from 13 June via

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