The Curious Fox – Ross McDonagh


The Curious Fox – Ross McDonagh

The Last Word Review

Normally I do not review children’s books but there is some rather special about The Curious Fox by Ross McDonagh. It is beautifully illustrated by Conor M. O’Brien and will really appeal to children of all ages.

The story is of a fox cub who wakes one morning and something “Puzzling on his mind” and so begins for our fox cub a journey of discovery. Told in rhymed verse the young fox meets various wild creatures in the Irish countryside as he tries to understand what makes him different to everyone else. On his journey he meets a Giraffe, a Peacock, a Pig and Crocodile to name but a few.

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This is a delightful and charming little book consisting of 32 pages with a message that all children will at some point be thinking and asking. Our delightful little fox learns a lesson that he will carry with him forever as well as meeting some wonderful new friends.

The Curious Fox will delight parents as they read it to their children and it is a book that one day their children would pass on the message. The message contained within may be a lesson than some grown up’s need to learn in these troubled times.

It is beautifully illustrated by Conor M. Obrien who worked on the IFTA-award winning Geist and CBBC Go Jetters and Emmy nominated Octonauts.

Thank you to Pamela McLoughlin for a review copy of The Curious Fox.

The Curious Fox written by Ross McDonagh and published by Veritas and is available through Amazon.

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