The Secret Broker – Simon Crane


The Secret Broker – Simon Crane

The Last Word Review

For fans of globe-trotting thrillers will really enjoy reading the first in a series of novels by Simon Crane. The Secret Broker will take you across the globe as we are introduced to a new secret agent his name is Luca Voss.


There is a gripping opening to the story as a group of mercenaries take over a Japanese ship during a fierce storm one of the crew is murdered and passengers are kidnapped. Who is behind the plot to storm the ship? This clearly is an opening gambit by the author a hook and it worked for me as I could not put the book down. It was devoured one damp Sunday.

For Luca Voss his employers are a secret organisation called the Seven Families are out to maintain the peace no-one seems to know much about this organisation as they are shrouded in mystery. Now Luca has an assistant and she is only known as JJ. She is loyal to Luca and is also his lover. Have we been here before?

Now the pair must seek out the individual who is rather keen on starting a nuclear war. What is his motive behind his plot to kill millions of people? What is North Korea doing firing a missile into Japanese airspace. Are all these linked? Luca and JJ have a race against time to locate the perpetrators and quickly the Severn Families are under threat. Find out who is behind the plot and quickly.

There are many twists and turns in The Secret Broker to keep you guessing until the very last it is a gripping debut novel. Simon Crane clearly is a man who knows the international highly sort after by government leaders around the world so he has done his homework here. It is a well thought out plot and it works. I hope in future books we get to learn more about the key characters in the thriller but if you like action thrillers then The Secret Broker is for you.

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The Secret Broker Blog Tour 2016

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Thank you to Quartet Books for the advanced review copy.

The Secret Broker by Simon Crane is published by Quartet Books and is available through Waterstones and all good bookshops.

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