Rattle by Fiona Cummins


Rattle by Fiona Cummins

If you enjoy the sort of read that gets your heart racing, then this stunning psychological thriller debut novel Rattle by Fiona Cummins is one book that you will be wanting to read later this month when it is released. Be warned you may want to hide behind the sofa.


Rattle has come with the tag line of scarier than Silence of the Lambs, that is a big statement to make for any psychological thriller, but in Fiona Cummins debut novel this lives up to the billing. This reviewer has read his fair share and more of novels that scared the living daylights out of me. Rattle succeeded in every sense. This is one book that I could not put down and kept me awake long into the night. I wanted more and in each chapter this terrifying story just kept coming. This really will make you blood run ice cold.

The story is set in London’s Blackheath area and both Clara Foyle and Jakey Frith has gone missing and their parents are frantic, what connects them both is terrible bone condition and Detective Etta Fitzroy is now handling the case but there is something sinister going on as now it appears that a sick psychopathic ‘bone collector’ is out there looking for more specimens. A man who is clearly abducting children with bone conditions is shocking in any sense but what is his motivation? This is a very dark and twisting storyline that delves into the dark corners of people and clearly this character wants more but for what purpose? Ok I am deliberately not giving too much away here as this is one storyline you need to discover for yourselves. But there is more going on in the story than just a plain super scary thriller. Add in a Police Detective with issues of her own makes this a chiller of a thriller that has more twists and turns written into this debut novel. It is more than just another serial killer on the loose novel. This killer leads a double life. At this point I will leave it there. Prepared to be scared.

Thank you to Francesca Pearce for the advanced review copy.

Rattle by Fiona Cummins is published by Pan Macmillan and is available through Waterstones, Amazon and all good bookshops from 26th January.

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