Deep Down Dead by Steph Broadribb

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Deep Down Dead by Steph Broadribb

As debut crime novels go Deep Down Deed by Steph Broadribb is just one hell of a debut. Already receiving some very high praise by fellow crime writers and now from me. It quite simply rocks as a fast and racy thriller.

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Some crime novels start off fast with Deep Down Dead it just makes you sit up for most of the night gripped by a storyline that is just pure thrilling and before you know it you have read half the book and you don’t want to leave it. With Broadribb’s fantastic writing she has managed to draw you into the novel and like a drug leaves you screaming.

The leading character is Lori Anderson and she is a no-nonsense woman that you really do not want to cross she has a line and I would not want to cross it. Attitude with a big bold capital ‘A’ simple. Lori has been through life and then some so I guess this has made her how she is one hell of a tough woman. This storyline is action packed from page one and is utterly relentless and unforgiving and is enough to leave the reader breathless.

The story is based in the States and sees Lori needing a lot of money to ease her accrued level of debt she has incurred and also to help pay for medical treatment for her young daughter Dakota. Lori is a bounty hunter so when she is offered a ‘job’ of going and bringing in a bad guy she then also has to take her daughter with her as her babysitter is not available. Then to make matters worse she then finds out that the fugitive is none other than JT her old mentor. From that moment you just know there is going to be more to this story than one feisty bounty hunter and one fugitive. Now all she has to do is go and find him. JT is never going to give himself up easily let alone be handed over to the law. What Lori has in her possession to get the man would scare anyone off but Lori is facing danger at every turn and she does not know it. But having her daughter with he makes this ‘job’ risky. The way that Broadribb has portrayed her characters both good and bad make this a story where you will take sides and want to see Lori come good as for Dakota to get the treatment and get well. But in this business that Lori is in there is no sentiment and she has to get the job done and bring JT in to get paid. There will be only one winner, right? Prepare for a crime novel that I dare you to put down, because you won’t it really is outstanding. This is a blockbuster of a motion picture in a book. Lock the door, switch your phone off and get the popcorn and coffee ready. Your gonna need it. This is one high caffeine induced thriller I recommend. You may need a cool shower at the end.

Thank you to Karen Sullivan for the advanced review copy.

Deep Down Dead by Steph Broadribb is published by Orenda Books and is available through Waterstones, Amazon and all good bookshops.

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