Ten Sexy Poems by Candlestick Press


Ten Sexy Poems by Candlestick Press

Last November I wrote a blog piece on a small independent publisher of some of the most unique and incredible poems which was so well received and also many messages about where people could find their poetry pamphlets.

With St Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow I thought I would showcase one of their very latest titles that was released last month. Ten Sexy Poems that captures the extraordinary power of desire. Ten incredible poems from Neil Rollison’s tenement building stirred by the passion of loving couples on St Valentine’s night to DH Lawrence’s painterly celebration of a beautiful woman as she washes in early morning sunshine.


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The collection consists of poetry by the following:

  • Scent by James Sheard
  • The Ecstasy of St Saviours Avenue by Neil Rollinson
  • December 11th by Anne Sexton
  • For Desire by Kim Addonizio
  • The Shipwright’s Love Song by Jo Bell
  • Ramadasi by Shazea Quaraishi
  • Hidden Rose by Wayne Burrows
  • A Kiss Remembered by MR Peacocke
  • Gloire de Dijon by DH Lawrence
  • This Morning the Postboy Brought Me a Letter by Hilary Davies

This is desire by poetry straight from the heart and I have to say that my favourite is Gloire de Desire by DH Lawrence. Apples, roses, Oysters, chocolate and even the strong pungent aroma of cheese all stir the senses for love and all captured in ten exquisite poems of love and desire.

Happy St Valentines Day for tomorrow.

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My thanks to Kathy Towers at Candlestick Press for the review copy of Ten Sexy Poems.

 Ten Sex Poems published by Candlestick Press was released on 19th January 2018 and is available through some Waterstones and also from Amazon.