Rose Gold – David Barker


Rose Gold by David Barker

Rose Gold (Urbane Publications) by David Barker is the sequel to Blue Gold which I enjoyed immensely. Set in in the future (2030’s) a world war has raged and this is for water and the scene is set for a fantastic and sensational storyline with superbly written characters that will have salivating for more.


Terrorism is stalking every part of the world as are tensions between countries. There is a mining base on the moon far away from Earths conflicts and a character from book one that we met Sim Atkins now suddenly receives a shocking message that leaves him reeling the son he never knew existed is in grave danger. He needs help and quickly to save his son’s life he will try and save his marriage after rescuing his son.

From the Overseas Division come Gopal and Rapten are back to assist Sim but not everything goes according to plan, they are trying to track down a huge Airship but what is it carrying and does this make Sim’s mission even more critical. A novel packed full of incidents and suspects as well as global greed that threatens the world. Lessons clearly have not been learned and Sim and his team are on their trail. Does Sim rescue his son and the woman who fathered his child he never knew existed? The future of mankind now rests with the team from Overseas Division. A stunning page turning thriller that kept me awake long into the night Rose Gold is a worthy follow up to his debut novel from 2017.

360 Pages.

Thank you Matthew Smith at Urbane Publications for the advanced review copy of Rose Gold by David Barker.

Rose Gold by David Barker is published today 10th May and is available through Waterstones, Amazon and through your local independent bookshop.


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