Bellevue Square – Michael Redhill


Bellevue Square – Michael Redhill

This has to be one of the most hypnotic reads, haunting and at times I was not quite sure where I was with this from one page to another. Michael Redhill really set about writing one of the most compelling reads of the year in Bellevue Square. Just imagine for one minute you are minding your own business running your bookshop and in walks a customer you know is a regular and then he tells you something that will literally make your heart jump. Now prepare for one hell of a ride.


This is a story about Jean, she loves running her bookshop in Toronto, Canada, it is her bookshop, then again is it? She has a regular customer who comes in and they play a game where she tries to guess his first name. So far she has failed to correctly guess his name. Then one-day same customer comes in and announces that Jean has a double, a life ‘doppelganger’ Jean thinks he is simply confused, but then he goes completely out of character. Scary stuff. Now the story really kicks off as Jean goes looking for her double. Who is she and does she really exist.

This is just the opening gambit of a story that is just compelling stuff, not a simple read is Bellevue Square, it will twist your mind and play with it. At one point I was going to throw the book across the room. I never ever think that. This is one rollercoaster of a ride, a book that just goes off in its own way. I am not sure how Michael Redhill came up with this novel but boy did it play with my own mind.

So what happens to Jean and her regular customer, no that would be too easy and I am not going to give this away. Just prepare for one hell of a ride that has just about everything. There are a who series of genres going on here. This was unsettling and bewildering yet this is how it is meant to be. By the time I had finished I was dizzy. But what a read. Once you are sucked in you won’t leave this one alone. Not easily forgotten. I want more.

288 Pages.

Thank you to Katherine Sutherland (No Exit Press) and Anne Cater (Random Things Tours) for the review copy of Bellevue Square by Michael Redhill.

Bellevue Square was published by and was published on 15th August 2018 and is available through Waterstones, Amazon and through your local independent bookshop.

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