Virginia Woolf in Richmond – Peter Fullagar


Virginia Woolf in Richmond – Peter Fullagar

Virginia Woolf and her husband Leonard moved to Richmond at around the same time as the First World War and remained here for ten years. (1914 – 1924). It was as we know the Virginia was more associated with Bloomsbury area of London. Author Peter Fullagar explores this part of the writer’s life in Virginia Woolf in Richmond. (Aurora Metro Books).


Many of Woolf’s admirers will know of the health problems that she went through. It was the move away from Bloomsbury an area that Virginia Woolf is so closely associated with that many will of course not fully realise that is was the move to Richmond-upon-Thames and the home that was Hogarth House that she came to love.

It was here that Virginia Woolf settled and some of her greatest writing was to have been written during the ten years. But that was not all and Peter Fullagar goes on to explain that this is where Virginia and her husband set up Hogarth Press set up in 1917 until she relinquished her role in 1938. In the book the writer also looks at the time she lived at Hogarth House and a time of great change when WWI ended and this time came to influence her writing using letters and diaries.

This really is a time capsule of a book that focuses of the writer’s life in this part of Surrey and of a time of real change in the life of Virginia Woolf and really does away with the theory that she never really settled in Richmond.

I have learned so much by reading Virginia Woolf in Richmond and this is published to coincide with a fund raising campaign to for a full-size statue of Virginia Woolf and details of the campaign can be found here: and you can follow more news on their Twitter page @vwoolfstatue If you enjoy the writing of Virginia Woolf then I can highly recommend Virginia Woolf in Richmond by Peter Fullagar.

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Virginia Woolf in Richmond by Peter Fullagar was published by Aurora Metro Books and was published on 7th November 2018 and is available through Waterstones, Amazon and through your local independent bookshop.