Ten Poems about Trees and Ten Poems about Husbands and Wives. The Latest releases from Candlestick Press


Ten Poems about Trees

Introduced by Katherine Towers

They say Oceans contain the warmest blood of all but stop and think about trees for one moment and they too contain life. How many of have childhood memories of gathering Conkers every atumn or stand and listen to birds singing high in a tree or Squirrels chasing each other around the trunk of a tree. Yes trees also do contain the warmest blood and are harbingers of new life each Springtime.

I am delighted to share the new poetry pamphlet by Candlestick Press: Ten Poems about Trees introduced by Katherine Towers.

“Ah in the thunder in the air

how still the trees are”

Poetry from ranging from DH Lawrence (Trees in the Garden) through to Alistair Elliot (Dear Betula) each of the ten poems talk about trees in their own very special way. This really in Arboriculture in ten poems. Trees remind us of special times and how fragile our own brief lives really are.

From Aspens to colourful trees in a garden to trees a lement of a lost tree and to all of us who love trees and who never want to be seperated from them.

Candlestick Press are making a donation from the sales of Ten Poems about Trees to The Woodland Trust.


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Ten Poems about Husbands and Wives

I am delighted to share the latest poetry pamphlet by Candlestick Press Ten Poems about Husbands and Wives. The poet Anne Bradstreet (1612 – 1672) said it all:

“If ever two were one, then surely we”

Ten glorious poems about the relationship of a couple celebrating the bond of marriage. Poetry by Tiffany Atkinson (Portrait of the Husband as Farmer’s Market) and including Ingrid’s Husband by Paul Henry to The Seventh Wedding Invitation by Choman Hardi.

Beautiful poems laid out facing each other. Just as you would imagine a husband and wife sat facing each other enjoy time together embraced in conversation.

Both Ten Poems about Trees and Ten Poems about Husband and Wives are available to order from the Candlestick Website. (See below).

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Thank you to Kathy Towers of Candlestick Press for the review copies of Ten Poems about Trees and Ten Poems about Husbands and Wives both now available now to order through Candlestick Press website.

Candlestick Press are a small independent publisher based in Nottingham and were founded in 2008. The team consists of four dedicated people in Di Slaney (Publisher), Kathy Towers (Assistant Editor) and two admin assistants. Their aim is simple to spread the joy of poetry to adults and children alike who love poetry and or may be just beginning their journey in to enjoying poetry. These small pamphlets are just ideal for bedtime reading or like I have been doing and that is enjoying them on journeys.

They have published so many of these beautiful pamphlets on a wide range of topics from Christmas to Cricket, from Dogs to Sheep and even Clouds to walking and even breakfast. These wonderful poetry pamphlets make the ideal gift to send to friends and loved ones. For more information, please visit the Candlestick Press website: Candlestick Press


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