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Ten Poems about Childhood

Selected and Introduced by Mimi Khalvati

We all have memories about childhood or are reminded of our childhood by those that are close to us. Our childhood years make us become who we are. Sometimes I find looking at photos can suddenly take me back to one moment back then or a piece of music but also it is poetry that can reflect the childhood years really well.

One of the very latest poetry pamphlets by Candlestick Press is Ten Poems about Childhood. Selected and introduced by Mimi Khalvati. Ten wonderful poems that speak to us of childhood. Poems by Poems by Kayo ChingonyiJane DuranLouise GlückSeamus HeaneyElizabeth JenningsMimi KhalvatiHannah LoweJames MerrillTracy K Smith and James Womack.

The poem The Railway Children by Seamus Heaney just reminded me of my young days sat watching the trains at a station. I was fascinated. What is Written by Jane Duran. The opening lines:

The way you look at your book:

crawl round, lie over it,

turn number of pages at a time

and sit and put your face down

to look deeply into the words,

These opening lines of the poem could by anyone of us when we were young. It was certainly me.

Ten Poems about Childhood available now to order through Candlestick Press.



Ten Poems about Bees

 Introduced by Brigit Strawbridge Howard

Another of the latest of the poetry pamphlets is Ten Poems about Bees introduced by Brigit Strawbridge Howard is just sublime. Bees right now need our help.

The Honeybee provides us with that wonderful golden honey that we spread on our morning toast as well as many recipes. But just imagine a world without the bee? Too frightening to contemplate but the threat is more than just real. We are so closely intertwined with the bee.

There is even a poem by the nature writer Miriam Darlington called Beekeeper and it deserves to be read. As a child I was scared of bees as I did not understand them until I discovered nature and I became fascinated by the lives of bees, from the honeybee to the solitary bee each one so unique and wonderful. I have been stung far too many times so seeing the poem Stung by Heid E. Erdrich tells of a person being stung.

These poems are just delightful and ones to treasure. Ten Poems about Bees avaialble to order through Candlestick press.


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Thank you to Kathy Towers of Candlestick Press for the review copies of Ten Poems about Childhood and Ten Poems about Bees both now available to order through Candlestick Press website.


Candlestick Press are a small independent publisher based in Nottingham and were founded in 2008. The team consists of four dedicated people in Di Slaney (Publisher), Kathy Towers (Assistant Editor) and two admin assistants. Their aim is simple to spread the joy of poetry to adults and children alike who love poetry and or may be just beginning their journey in to enjoying poetry. These small pamphlets are just ideal for bedtime reading or like I have been doing and that is enjoying them on journeys.

They have published so many of these beautiful pamphlets on a wide range of topics from Christmas to Cricket, from Dogs to Sheep and even Clouds and walking and even breakfast. These wonderful poetry pamphlets make the ideal gift to send to friends and loved ones. For more information, please visit the Candlestick Press website: Candlestick Press