Thinking on My Feet: The Small Joy of Putting One Foot in Front of Another by Kate Humble


Thinking on My Feet: The Small Joy of Putting One Foot in Front of Another by Kate Humble



Thinking on My Feet tells the story of Kate’s walking year – shining a light on the benefits of this simple activity. Kate’s inspiring narrative not only records her walks (and runs) throughout a single year, but also charts her feelings and impressions throughout – capturing the perspectives that only a journey on foot allows – and shares the outcomes: a problem solved, a mood lifted, an idea or opportunity borne. As she explores the reasons why we walk, whether for creative energy, challenge and pleasure, or therapeutic benefits, Kate’s reflections and insights will encourage, motivate and spur readers into action.

Also featured are Kate’s walks with others who have discovered the magical, soothing effect of putting one foot in front of the other – the artist who walks to find inspiration for his next painting; the man who takes people battling with addiction to climb mountains; the woman who walked every footpath in Wales (3,700 miles) when she discovered she had cancer.

This book will inspire you to change your perspective by applying walking to your daily endeavours.


Shortlisted for the 2019 Wainwright Golden Beer Book Prize.

My Review:

I love walking, most of my thinking is done while out walking along the canal close to home, on the fells in the Lake District or the Scottish Highlands. Walking and thinking and then I open Thinking on My Feet (Aster) by Kate Humble and there it is very early in the book. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote: ‘All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking’.

A year of walking and this is the record of that one year by TV personality Kate Humble. She walks and runs her way through the year. Not just here in the UK but also while she is overseas recording for TV. These are her own thoughts as she talks to the reader and you do feel that you are out walking with Kate.

One of the first things that Kate does every morning is a walk before breakfast and the day starts. Nothing better than starting your day with a walk with your pet dog. Written as a form of a diary Kate talks us through her year at home and across the world and also the people she meets through the course of the year and some of the people are just so inspirational and puts everything into perspective.

But there is also the discussions Kate has with the reader about life closer to home and about the routines of everyday life but being out and about at home and abroad means you get to see the world at a much slower pace than in a car or train. Being in nature and around family and friends.

Walking I have found to be incredible therapeutic and this is a book that is just that. Reading Thinking on My Feet will make you want to get your boots on and get out of the house and have a walk and get close to nature.

Thinking on My Feet by Kate Humble has been shortlisted for the 2019 Wainwright Golden Beer Book Prize with the winner being announced on 15th August at the Countryfile Live event at Castle Howard, Yorkshire.




304 Pages.

Thinking on my Feet by Kate Humble was published in Paperback by and was published on 30th May 2019 and is available through Waterstones, Amazon and through your local independent bookshop.

2 thoughts on “Thinking on My Feet: The Small Joy of Putting One Foot in Front of Another by Kate Humble

  1. This book sounds interesting. I believe if one had to walk a little bit every day… they would live longer. My opa lived to 94.. he walked most of his life…


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