The Choice by Claire Wade


The Choice by Claire Wade


Everything you ate was monitored by the government.
Every step you took was counted.
Your children were weighed every day at school.
Neighbours reported on neighbours and no one was safe from judgement.
Sugar was illegal, and baking was a crime.

Imagine if that world was here… What would you do?

Toe the line or fight for your freedom…

My Review:

Imagine a time in the future when sugar has been made illegal. Imagine all those wonderful sweet things we have come to love that would be no more. Welcome to the superb debut novel The Choice (Orion) by Claire Wade.


In all my years of reading I have never come across a dystopian novel based around the banning of sugar. Just how was this going to play out. I am so pleased the publisher sent be a review copy of The Choice as it turned out to be a brilliantly written novel.

The UK is now run by a government that has decided to ban all baking and will make the UK a fit and healthy country again. We meet Olivia Pritchard who is a baker and she is a baker who loves baking. Now the UK is rum by Mother Mason is hell bent on health and happiness. Olivia is living in constant fear of being found out. If you are found out god help you.

I just loved the way Claire Wade drew the reader into the storyline and it does become a frightening storyline as you really understand Mother Mason’s regime and what she demands from her public. How disturbing it really became. Imagine just how one person who can come to power and effect the lives of those in the country and take them to the very edge before the country rises up against the government. This may be a novel about banning sugar and baking but there is a stronger message for us all her about who we choose to run our countries in our name and how quickly it can become a dangerous path. A novel that at times just makes you angry but one novel that you are so aborbed in that you just want more.

I could never allow any country to stop me eating chocolate. I certainly would rise up. The Choice by Claire Wade is just stunning and very readable.

400 Pages.

Thank you to Alainna Hadjigeorgiou (Orion Publishing Group) for the review copy of The Choice by Claire Wade.

The Choice by Claire Wade was published by Orion and was published on 26th December 2019 and is available through Waterstones, Amazon and through your local independent bookshop.

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