The sixteenth in the series of Independent Publishers Showcase and this week we welcome Sandstone Press Ltd. Founded in 2020 by Robert Davidson. An independent publisher with an international outlook. Publishing both fiction and non-fiction titles from unique voices. In 2014 and 2019 Sandstone Press won the Saltire Society Scottish Publisher of the Year Award. The first company to win the award twice and the Nibbies small press of the year in 2019 and was also shortlisted for the IPG Trade Independent Publisher of the year in 2020.

They have an extremely exciting listing of books in both fiction and non-fiction, these can be ordered by visiting their website with details below or through UK

Keep an eye on their Twitter feed @or visit their website: Sandstone Press

A selection of the fiction and non-fiction titles currently released from Sandstone Press:

Love is an Ex-Country by Randa Jarrar

Published: 2nd February 2021


 Queer. Muslim. Arab American. A proudly Fat woman. Randa Jarrar is all these things. In this provocative memoir of a cross-country road trip, she explores how to claim joy in an unravelling and hostile world.

Told as a road trip across the United Stated of America, this is Randa’s bold and frank personal story: a Palestinian daughter shamed about her weight, her background, and her decision to become a teenage mother as she rebels against her abusive family and the expectations others have of her.

The Snow and the Works on the Northern Line by Ruth Thomas

Published: 7th January 2021


Hidden within the confines of The Royal Institute of Prehistorical Studies, Sybil is happy enough with her work – and her love life. Then to her dismay, her old adversary, assertive and glamorous Helen Hansen, is appointed Head of Trustees. To add insult, Helen promptly seduces Sybil’s boyfriend. Betrayed and broken-hearted, Sybil becomes obsessed with exposing Helen as a fraud, no matter the cost.

Offbeat and darkly funny, The Snow and the Works on the Northern Line is about things lost and found. It is also a story about love, grief and forgiveness: letting go and moving on.

The Munros in Winter: 277 summits in 832 days by Martin Moran

Release Date: 3rd November 2020


The first round of the Munros in winter in a single journey was accomplished by Martin Moran 1984, ably supported by his new wife, Joy. Martin’s account of the adventure has since become a Scottish outdoor classic. This reissue is awaited by a substantial section of the outdoor/mountaineering market in Britain.

The March Fallen: 5 (A Gereon Rath Mystery) by Volker Kutscher

Release Date: 10th September 2020


A dead man has been found lying under railway arches in Berlin. An old soldier, hideously disfigured, he has been killed mysteriously. Gereon Rath is brought onto the case while his fiancée, Charlotte Ritter, blazes her own trail. Meanwhile, the Nazis consolidate their hold on power, the Reichstag is burned down, and things become a lot worse not only for Berlin’s Jewish community but also for those police officers who can remain in action.

A Friendship in Letters: Robert Louis Stevenson & J.N. Barrie by Michael Shaw

Release Date: 13th November 2020


A Friendship in Letters, Dr. Michael Shaw brings together correspondence between two of Scotland’s most famous writers for the first time.

Though they never met, Robert Louis Stevenson and J. M. Barrie developed a warm friendship, revealed in these amusing and gossipy letters, with vivid commentary on each other’s literary work. Until recently, Barrie’s side of the correspondence was presumed lost by his biographers. This epistolary volume reunites Barrie’s letters with Stevenson’s and contextualises them through an engaging introduction and a series of appendices, including a delightful short story by Barrie.

For further information on the publications from please visit their website: Sandstone Press

You can also find them on Twitter: @sandstonepress and also their Instagram feed @sandstonepress/ and Facebook: @sanstonepress

If you have enjoyed this week’s showcase, please look out for my next Independent Publishers Showcase next week. If you are an indie publisher and would like to add your name to the showcase, you can contact me via Twitter: @TheLastWord1962

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