In the Shadow of Queens: Tales from the Tudor Court by Alison Weir

In the Shadow of Queens: Tales from the Tudor Court by Alison Weir


Behind every great king stands a queen. And behind every queen, the whole court watches on…

Over the years of his reign, six different women took their place beside King Henry VIII of England as his wife and queen.

But the real stories of the six Tudor queens belong to those who lived among them. Played out in glittering palaces and whispering courts, these are tales of the people who loved and served these women, and those who lied and betrayed them.

Collected together for the first time, In the Shadow of Queens reveals thirteen startling stories from the Tudor court, told by those at the very heart of that world.

Groundbreaking truth. Breathtaking fiction.

My Review:

I must admit to being an avid reader of history and historical fiction. If like me, you really enjoyed reading the six-book series of the wives of Henry VIII by Alison Weir then you are going to really enjoy In the Shadow of Queens: Tales from the Tudor Court (Headline Review) that is released today 30th September. This is a fabulous collection of short stories based around the six books.

There are thirteen stories in the collection just perfect for dipping in and out of in a book that has been beautifully produced.

It could be that one of the reasons as to why I really enjoy history and historical fiction is how the stories are written, mixing fact and fiction together creates the perfect storyline and then the reader may well go off and want to find out more and that is exactly were In the Shadow of the Queens comes in.

Rich in personalities as you can imagine there is truth and there is fiction but going along with this is how much information is available. What I really enjoy about Alison Weir is how she writes her books, and, in this book, it is just how she tells the stories from within the Tudor Court and from the central characters.

At the beginning of each of the stories of the six wives there is a timeline which works well with the storyline and a little about each of the wives of Henry VIII. These are just wonderfully weaved stories and if you are a fan of powerful historical fiction then In the Shadow of Queens is your next book to read.

432 Pages.

My thanks to Caitlin Raynor (Headline) for the review copy of In the Shadow of Queens: Tales from the Tudor Court by Alison Weir. Published by Headline Review. Released on 30th September and available through Waterstones, Amazon and through your local independent bookshop or through that supports your local independent bookshop. UK

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