Being Simon Haines by Tom Vaughn MacAulay


Being Simon Haines by Tom Vaughn MacAulay

I am sure that I speak for many that when we were young we all had dreams about what we wanted in our careers and then tried to aspire to achieve them. Meet Simon Haines is just that sort of a guy. Tom Vaughan MacAulay’s debut novel is about chasing his very own dream.


For Simon Haines his dream is that partnership at the prestigious law firm Fiennes & Plunkett for these past year Simon has put in blood sweat and tears not to mention the gruelling long hours, lost weekend to achieve his ambition. Within a matter of just a few weeks or so he will know if his dream and the rewards that go with it will be his. It is part of his DNA he wants this more than anything and he believes it is his reward for the sacrifices he has made over the years on relationships and friends that have come and gone. Now it is this close and he wants it so badly.

Now Simon heads of to Cuba for a break by himself before he finds out if his dream that will change his life has come true. There he spends time on this break alone touring Cuba and while there he discovers something else and that is his old former self, the old Simon Haines not the current driven and determined Mr Haines. Is this an epiphany moment? During this time, he meets some interesting people not to mention the culture of Cuba.

This is book that does not really read like a novel it comes across as something different, something more personal as we discover Simon from his early days. A story set against a backdrop of a world that seems be changing by the hour and along with it the people. Dream and aspirations and what makes us who we are. A captivating debut and what that left me asking a few questions. Thought provoking. I really enjoyed Tom’s style of writing and how he made the story read like a memoir.

Thank you to Red Door for the advanced review copy of Being Simon Haines

Being Simon Haines by Tom Vaughan MacAulay is published by Red Door and is available through Waterstones, Amazon and all good bookshops.

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