The Stolen Child by Sanida Kay


The Stolen Child by Sanida Kay

Anyone who read Sanjida Kay’s debut novel Bone by Bone will know just what a powerful novel it was and now in her second novel The Stolen Child Sanjida Kay really has managed to go one better as this really is a superb psychological thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat.


The title of Kay’s second novel gives more than a hint as to what the story is about. The Stolen Child is about a mother and her daughter. The story starts as Zoe and Ollie have been trying to start a family for a number of years and have accepted that this is not going to happen as they had hoped and so they turn to adoption and they have adopted a baby girl and they name her Evie. Their lives now complete, sadly for both Zoe and Ollie it is not that simple. For baby Evie is struggling as her natural mother was addicted to drugs and so Evie was born with the effects of those same drugs so in those early days and the watchful parents watched and cared for her anxiously.

As the years moved on Zoe gave birth to a baby boy who they called Ben by now the family had relocated to Yorkshire and the family unit was complete. Life could not be better for both Zoe and Ollie. But as the title of the book suggests you just know something is coming and sure enough it does. Card and gifts start arriving for Evie from her real father. This man has been on a mission to seek his daughter and take her back. For both Zoe and Ollie, the nightmare is about to begin.

Sanjida Kay has delivered a pulsating and disturbing psychological thriller that will have the reader wanting to know what is going to happen on every page. This is a clever piece of writing as you are being sucked into the story just as Evie was being sucked in by her real father. You feared for the leading characters they seek to punish each other and lives are being torn apart in full view of the small community where they live. It would be easy for me here to give the storyline away but this is such a gripping story that you really want to read this for yourself. Kay’s writing style really lends the story its real edge it is tense and visceral and then there is the climax of the novel. But we will leave it there. I promise you The Stolen Child will steal your weekend from you. I highly recommend you head to your local bookshop and settle in for the weekend. Not to be missed.

336 Pages.

Thank you to Kirsty Doole and Corvus for the advanced review copy.

The Stolen Child by Sanjida Kay is published by Corvus and is now available through Waterstones, Amazon and all good bookshops.

Bone by Bone by Sanjida Kay

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Bone by Bone by Sanjida Kay


The Last Word Review

Gripping psychological debut thriller. One book that you will not want to put down

A sign of a good thriller is normally the opening paragraph that will grab the reader attentions and with Sanjida Kay’s debut thriller Bone by Bone this achieves that. ‘It wasn’t until the train went past that she saw the small body lying in the long grass by the side of the wood’. Frome this moment you are caught up in a gripping story that will not let you go until the very last moment of the book.

What we are presented with is a story of Laura and her daughter Autumn. As you start reading you get to understand that Autumn is having problems at School and a classic case of bullying. Like any mother Laura has been worried about her daughter fitting in at her new School, how is she coping and is she mixing with the other kids. Pretty quickly it becomes clear that Autumn has been targeted by a boy who just will not give up.

The story as it unfolds is totally gripping and the sheer terror is palpable at every turn of the page. At one point Laura comes face to face with the boy and something goes very wrong. As much you feel for Laura and I showed great empathy with her at the moment and many will. Laura herself knows she has done wrong and now she is scared and worried and for good reason.


Like any mother she would do anything and everything to protect her daughter but how far would you go? Something that I think Bone by Bone will ask the reader. It is psychological in its approach because the reader is being pulled into the story and the sheer tension and anguish is there page by page.

Bullying as we know is not just in its physical sense but also the cyber bullying can also play a devastating role here and that is explored as well as friendships that get tested. At one point I was asking the book ‘just what are friends for’.

The one aspect of the book I really enjoyed was the alternating narrative between mother and daughter and you have then a real sense of first hand at the thoughts and just what poor Autumn was going through. I felt for her as no child should ever have to suffer bullying of any kind so it is so pleasing to be able to tell you that Sanjida Kay has decided to donate a percentage of the profits of Bone by Bone to the anti-bullying charity Kidscape

I must admit that Bone by Bone caught my attention during the autumn of last year and had to wait very patiently for a review copy to arrive and it sat on my desk just daring me to pick it up and start reading. I was hooked from the very start. This really is a tense twisting psychological thriller that creeps under your skin and stays there. Bone by Bone must be read with the lights switched on and ignore that knock on the door.

My thanks to both Sanjida Kay and the publishers Corvus for an Advanced Review Copy.

Bone by Bone written by Sanjida Kay and published by Corvus is released today 3 March 2016 and available through all good book shops.