Dark Fragments by Rob Sinclair


Dark Fragments by Rob Sinclair

From the author of the bestselling Enemy series come a new tense thriller Dark Fragments that has all the same fast paced ingredients to keep the crime loving reader on their toes from the opening page through to the very last.


Dark Fragments is a Psychological thriller of the highest standard and Sinclair introduces us to a new character Ben Stephens. For Ben life is just falling away and he seems to be losing grip of reality. He would describe himself as a hardworking family man father to Chloe and Harry. Some years previously his wife Alice was murdered and justice has never been served on the killer. This is a story as told by Ben himself and is a real page turner. Ben has since remarried to Gemma the very woman who he was having an affair with before Alice was murdered but now this marriage is heading for troubled waters and Ben is looking for answers to the past.

Ben owes money to a local hoodlum and he is now looking for Ben himself and his past is rapidly catching up with him. As the tension becomes palpable Ben’s sister suddenly comes into the story except the two have not really spoken for a number of years and she is a Detective with the Police and she is starting to sniff around and the questions are starting to come.

Just who did kill Alice and why have the police not caught the killer? The characters are well written into the novel and you will make up your own mind about each one and their own motives as you become sucked into the gripping novel. This is another stunning thriller by Rob Sinclair and if you want a good edge of your seat read over Christmas add Dark Fragments to your wish list.

Thank you Rob Sinclair for the advanced review copy.

Dark Fragments by Rob Sinclair is published by Bloodhound Books and is available in paperback.