Do No Harm – L V Hay

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Do No Harm – L V Hay

I loved The Other Twin, which was the stunning debut novel by L V Hay last year. Now Hay is back with another gripping page turner. Do No Harm (Orenda Books) and is just a wonderfully crafted psychological thriller that will have readers glued to every page.

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Lily has left her husband Maxwell after what was a pretty awful marriage and she has taken their son Denny. She has been in a relationship with Sebastian and now the wedding is about to take place and better life. Well you would think so wouldn’t you? That is for happy endings in other novels. Not this one. For Hay now takes the reader on a twisty journey were you just do not know what is going to happen next. Happy honeymoon later they couple return home, but when they arrive home they find one hell of a mess. The house has been ransacked. Nothing is working. What has happened. The memories of a happy wedding and honeymoon now fade as their lives are literally turned on their head.

Throw in Sebastian’s mother, and a long standing friend Triss and an ex jealous husband who wants to win back his family at any cost and you have the recipe for a superb knife edge thriller being played out right in front of your eyes.

For Lily and Sebastian, the fight is on to save everything they both wanted which was a happy and peaceful life. We get to hear from three people in the storyline two I am sure you can already guess but who is the third person. This you can decide for yourself. It is so brilliantly character driven and Hay’s writing is enough to keep you guessing and gripped. I felt so badly for Lily out of a disaster of a marriage and wanting the perfect life but someone wants their marriage to collapse. Ordinary people leading ordinary lives then all hell is breaking loose. Riveting stuff unless it is happening to you. You will be hooked.

300 Pages.

Thank you to Karen Sullivan (Orenda Books) and Anne Cater for the review copy of Do No Harm by L V Hay

Do No Harm by L V Hay was published on 20th July 2018 by Orenda Books and is available through Waterstones, Amazon and through your local independent bookshop.

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The Other Twin – L V Hay


The Other Twin – L V Hay

Take a bow Karen Sullivan founder of Orenda Books yet again she has found yet another outstanding writer and one to watch for the future. L V Hay may not be a name you are familiar with but this may be about to change as with her debut psychological thriller The Other Twin was released earlier this month and if you are heading for a Summer holiday then this is one book you may want to seriously consider packing this in your case as one of your holiday reads. It really is a wonderfully layered thriller.


Where do it start with this review apart from telling the world that they must read The Other Twin? Poppy wakes from a night that she can barely recall and with the hangover to go with it, she finds her mobile and the battery is lifeless finally finding the charger she heads off for a shower to wash away the night before. When she finally gets to access her phone there are many messages from her mother and the tone concerns Poppy. The call she makes gives her some shocking news her sister India is dead! How could this have happened? The two sisters may not have been close in recent years but she is her sister and Poppy finds herself heading on the next train to Brighton to be at the family home. India has taken her own life by jumping from a bridge onto a railway. But still the question will not go away as to what really happened to India to make her take her own life?


For Poppy she is not convinced by what she is being told by officialdom and decides to begin her own investigations. There are secrets out there and the more Poppy digs the more she begins to find the tangled web of secrets. Now she must access India’s laptop and she thinks there could be information that could be more than just useful. A name crops up from here and that is Jenny but who is she and what exactly is Jenny hiding? Clearly India was on to her? This is a brilliantly crafted thriller that takes the reader on a journey in and around Brighton and tackles many current themes. The Other Twin is packed with tension with some uneasy moments. A complex and addictive storyline mixed with the fresh writing talent from a new name that I am looking forward to hearing more in the future.

260 Pages.

Thank you to Karen Sullivan at Orenda Books for the advanced review copy.

The Other Twin by L V Hay is published by Orenda Books and is available through Waterstones, Amazon and all good bookshops.


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