Our House by Louise Candlish


Our House by Louise Candlish

I love a really good psychological thriller, and Our House the latest release by Louise Candlish is compulsive thriller that will have you glued to every page. There are many twists and turns to keep you gripped until the very end. Just imagine arriving home to find all your possessions gone and someone else moving into your home. This is a nightmare scenario and an awesome plot.



When Fi heads towards her home she is confused as she sees a removal van and people moving possessions into a home, at first she thinks it is another house close to hers but then realisation hits home that it is actually her own very home and that a family is moving in. Her heart is racing and she is confused. Is this a nightmare, no it is really happening? This is her home in Trinity Avenue she built up with her husband and family. But their home was not up for sale. Where are all their belongings, the furniture and everything you would expect has gone. Fi is panicking.

Fi and her husband are separated and she has been away on with her new boyfriend, while her ex-husband was looking after the house and the kids? So what happens next is just a fantastic gripping drama that is played out in a series of podcasts that are called ‘The Victim’ where the victim tells her story about what has happened. A brilliant scenario is played between Fi and her ex-husband superbly written and crafted by Louise Candlish, at first you will think the plot is a bit out of the ordinary but then Louise writes a novel that is so believable that you will not want to put this book down. Fi is a woman who you will rally behind and all your sympathy will be with her, but as for Bram you may think he deserves everything that comes his way. Characters are so important in any novel and they really come to life here thanks to Louise Candlish. A superb stylish thriller where it is a case of Fi’s words against Bram’s words and vice versa. I dare you to put Our House down. I know you will struggle to leave this book alone. Highly Recommended.

448 Pages.

Thank you to Jessica Barratt for the advanced review copy of Our House by Louise Candlish

Our House by Louise Candlish is published by Simon & Schuster and was published on 5th April and is now available through Waterstones, Amazon and through your local independent bookshop.