# 2. Grand Iota

For the second in my series in Independent Publishers I am showcasing an indie publisher that may be new to many readers. Grand Iota was established in 2019 and is dedicated to imaginative prose.

The primary aim of Grand Iota is to publish books that are out of the ordinary, these books may be difficult to slot into genres and categorise but will be excellent books to read.

Grand Iota was set up by Ken Edwards who has previous publishing experience and writer Brian Marley who will primarily release material from UK and USA based writers but with an eye to expand in the near future. So far they have released four books and will have two more released dated 30th September.

Grand Iota have a simple publishing motto: “books that are out of the ordinary, hard to categorise but good to read” Visit their website:  Grand iota

A selection of the fiction titles currently released through Grand Iota:

Wild Metrics by Ken Edwards

Released: 29th March 2019

1970s London: short-life communal living, the beginnings of the alt-poetry scene, not forgetting sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. This prose extravaganza dives into the inscrutable forking paths of memory, questions what poetry is, and concludes that the author cannot know what he is doing. Among the cast of characters are a Rock Star who has become a national treasure, a bunch of poets and writers, some now legends, and assorted other misfits and malcontents. Some names have been changed.

Bronte Wild by Fanny Howe

Released 1st January 2020

BRONTE WILDE is an early novel by Fanny Howe, later revised and now published in this form for the first time. It is the tragic tale of a dispossessed young woman in thrall to a childhood friend, set against the background of the emerging counter-culture of the early 1960s. This is the first of her novels to be published in the UK.

Apropos Jimmy Inkling by Brian Marly

In a Westminster café-cum-courtroom, Jimmy Inkling is on trial, perhaps for his life. Unless, of course, he’s dead already. But will that be enough to prevent him from eliminating those who give evidence against him?

The Grey Area by Ken Edwards

Despite being subtitled “A Mystery”, Ken Edwards’ third novel is no conventional crime story and the mystery seems incapable of any single solution. An old and vulnerable woman has gone missing, and a private detective, Phidias Peralta, an illegal resident in a business park near the run-down port of Deadmans Beach, has been hired by her nephew to find her. His assistant, Lucy, is more concerned with her seven-year-old son who is failing at school, but she is drawn inexorably into the investigation.

The Shenanigans by Brian Marley

Now it can be revealed …

… why Jonah doesn’t want to talk about that business with the whale
… who the woman was in the Davy Jones and Casey Jones love triangle
… how a hapless former tennis pro tried to save a city from ruin
…why one generalissimo is never enough
… and twelve other windows on a world not quite our own    

Play, A Novel by Alan Singer

Writer-director Pan Fleet plans a new experimental play for the off-Broadway stage: Killer Killing Killers, a montage of murder scenes, aiming to provoke his audience’s ire with a work apparently amorally predicated on senseless violence. The plan is complicated by the intervention of his heart surgeon, who also fancies himself as a kind of “director” and by the surgeon’s wife, an empathy-challenged child psychologist who clashes with Pan’s leading lady.

My thanks to Ken Edwards for his help and copies of books released through Grand Iota.

Visit the Grand Iota Website for information on all their books and you can also find a manuscript submission page: Grand Iota

You can also find them on Twitter: @GrandIota

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