Killed by Thomas Enger


Killed by Thomas Enger

They say all good things have to come to an end at some point but this is one end I never wanted to come. So it is that we have reached the finale of one of the great crime series. The last in the Henning Juul series. But what a finale. Superbly crafted and delivered. Killed by Thomas Enger delivers a final punch that is a must read for all lovers of Nordic crime noir.


I did say this was a book worthy of reading. Be prepared as your senses and your emotions will be tried and tested. For Henning Juul life was over after his son was killed. Opening with a step back to thirteen years previous. Our crime investigative journalist Juul is on the trail of his son’s killer. Juul is scarred deeply and life seems to offer nothing more for him except to find whoever murdered his son and he will do whatever he needs to make that happen. But who can he trust now?

He knows that there are dark forces at large out there and that not only his life but the lives of those he loves will be at great danger the closer he gets to the truth. And the truth is out there. All I will say at this point is that some people are going to die in the process of seeking the truth. This is one of the most explosive and emotional rollercoasters I have been on when it comes to reading and reviewing crime novel. It is impossible to review too much without giving a lot away. This final book in the series just explodes in your hands. The pace leaves you breathless. Then the ending will have you reeling and numb.

Just imagine you are Henning Juul and you want answers regardless of the consequences. Your life is over so you have not a lot to live for. Find the truth even if it means dying in the process of seeking answers and finding those who killed your son.

Thomas Enger has delivered a finale that will make you feel you have been hit by an express train. Killed is not just brilliant it is totally outstanding and worthy of hitting our small screens. My advice is simple. Cancel all your plans with this book and ignore the phone and lock yourself away as you will not put this book down. Killed is breath-taking. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

 276 Pages

My thanks to Karen Sullivan and also Anne Cater for the review copy of Killed by Thomas Enger.

Killed by Thomas Enger is published by Orenda Books and was published on 15th February 2018 and is available through Waterstones, Amazon and all good bookshops


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Cursed by Thomas Enger


Cursed by Thomas Enger

Translated by Kari Dickson

Hands up if you are like me a fanatic reader of crime Nordic Noir? I thought there would be many. But how many have come across the name of Thomas Enger? Ok I will admit I had not up to this point, but thanks to the amazing Karen Sullivan the owner Orenda Books we can now add a new name to the long list. Thomas Enger’s latest novel Cursed deserves to be added to the list of the very best in Nordic crime writing.



Cursed is an ambitious novel in that I found it was a bit of a slow burner like waiting for a firework to go off and then when it does it just knocks you off your feet, but then it does get quite explosive through this twisty thriller that packs so much into nearly 350 pages that I raced through and even abandoned sleep to get to the end, and what an ending.

This being the fourth novel for Henning Juul but do not be concerned if like me you have not read the previous three, this really does stand out as a standalone read and once you have read Cursed you may then want to explore the previous outings. Nora and Henning once lived a happy married couple but after the tragic death of their son their marriage was put under so much strain as any marriage would do. A personal tragedy and a couple trying to take their own steps forward in their lives.

Both Nora and Henning are journalists, neither are serving police officers, while Henning is still looking for answers to his son’s Nora is now investigating the disappearance of Hedda Hellberg after she failed to return home from a trip to Italy, now Hedda’s life is being looked into as she never reached Italy and something about her life has shocked her husband. Was Hedda living a double life.

Something about this novel when reading Cursed told me that despite both Nora and Henning investigating on two completely different levels, there was a feeling both were going to connect the dots at some point. What are Hedda’s wealthy family hiding from this inquiry. Secrets and lies. How many times have we heard that in a crime novel? This is a thrilling crime read that is so multi-layered that at times especially through the first chilling opening pages makes you wonder what really is going on, then it explodes in your hands. It is complex and that is why it really appealed to me. As chilling as a freezing Norwegian winter this will keep guessing as to what really is at the heart of this book. Both Nora and Henning will face real personal danger in their quest to get to the truth. With an ending that will make your jaw drop and is a breath-taking climax. Roll on book five. A powerful new Nordic crime writer.

Thank you to Karen Sullivan for the advanced review copy.

Cursed by Thomas Enger is published by Orenda Books and is available through Waterstones, Amazon and all good bookshops.

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