Resurrection Bay by Emma Viskic


Resurrection Bay by Emma Viskic


Here is a thriller that delivers a rush that does not let you go. Anyone who enjoys a mystery with a captivating character who plays the lead role as Private Investigator and who is also deaf. In her debut thriller Resurrection Bay Emma Viskic has crafted a gritty and at times violent book with a great storyline at its very heart.


A gripping and exciting read awaits the reader in Resurrection Bay with some great characters. Caleb Zelic and Frankie Reynolds run an investigation business called Trust Works and what a partnership these two really are. Caleb has been deaf since childhood and Frankie is a no nonsense ex-cop in her fifties she plays her own game to achieve results. Casting a lead character who plays a PI and who is deaf is not easy but this works brilliantly well and together Caleb and Frankie make a great team.

It is an explosive start to this story as Caleb finds the body of his good friend Gary Marsden who has been murdered. Who could be behind this savage killing of his good friend. Was Gary involved in something that he should not have been and this is how he met his grizzly end? Caleb and Frankie must now not only find the killer before he strikes again but also at the same time clear Gary’s name from any wrong doing.

A thrilling debut novel that keeps that fast paced storyline going with many twists and turns until the very end. I really enjoyed Resurrection Bay with its lead character in Caleb and how he copes with his disability while being a Private Investigator. I hope this is just the beginning and we see more of Caleb Zelic and Frankie Reynolds. What a partnership they make.

272 Pages.

Thank you to Tabitha Pelly for the review copy of Resurrection Bay.

Resurrection Bay by Emma Viskic is published by Pushkin Press and was published on 24th August 2017 and is available through Waterstones, Amazon and all good bookshops.

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